Delivering Intentional Results


A high functioning design requires answers to five fundamental questions.  Does your organization have solid, meaningful answers to all of these questions?  

If not, you are already severely limiting your ability to be be a high performing organization.

Derrick’s methods and tools help organizations develop high impact answers to all of these questions.  These answers are the key drivers to long term, sustainable success.  This means that all answers must pass my Four C’s test.  

Your answers to the "Fundamental Five" questions should be:

1. Clear
2. Concise
3. Connected
4. Committed



The Design phase made sure you had a clear vision and other key fundamentals around leadership, culture and differentiation.  The Align phase focuses on creating an organizational environment that has key components connected and moving in the same direction.

A key difference in Derrick’s method is that organizational structure and infrastructure are not even discussed until we are clear on design and we have created strategies and core processes that will support the vision. Now we can develop a "people" structure and an infrastructure that enables success.

Too many times, organizations start creating or changing organizational charts before there is any clarity on vision, culture, strategy and the differentiators needed for success. This usually results in structures that prevent success vs. facilitating it.

The final piece to the Align phase is our first glimpse at accountability.   Clearly defining success and how to measure it is critical. This is much more than just financial measures. It's understanding the leading and lagging indicators of your operation and how they are connected. It's also communicating them in a way that everyone can understand.

Finally, it setting clear expectations as to desired results and how the connect to the overall vision.

At this point, we've created an environment that is conducive to achieving long term, sustainable success. 

Now let's get to work!



The Deliver phase is all about the discipline to execute on a day-to-day basis.  These daily efforts must be connected with intention to the Design and Align phases

This all revolves around people.  The intentional hiring, developing and retaining of people who fit your intentional design and align with your needs regarding:

  • Values

  • Attitudes

  • Motivations

  • Skills

  • Competencies

If you continuously do this well, you will be intentionally innovative, complete the right initiatives, and be committed to delivering results by holding each other accountable.